Brief overview and links to pages of previous employment and experience.

Rufflets Country house hotel, St Andrews

View of the Hotel from the Gardens
This is where my hospitality career started and with the guidance of a fantastic manager I was able to learn all the basics to start my life in restaurants.  This is also where I met my wife Nina who I married  year later.
Met some great people and was proud to be part of the Rufflets family. read more….

Zilli Fish, London

Leaving Scotland at 20 and moving to the middle of London was bold and armed with the knowledge from Rufflets I was raring to go. Starting out as a plate polisher I moved into the bar shortly after starting.   read more…

The Loaded Hog, Auckland

Moving to New Zealand in 1999 for 10 months was a taster of the Kiwi lifestyle. I needed a job to keep the funds going and what better place than the viaduct during The Americas Cup 2000.   read more…

The Ivy, London

After spending a stint in NZ we decided to head back to London to gain more experience in the industry before settling down with our own business. It was time to get serious… Read more…

The Falls Restaurant, Auckland

In late 2004 on a holiday in Thailand an offer was put in front of us to co-own a restaurant in New Zealand. It didn’t take us long to move our lives back to NZ and take on the challenge.  read more….

AvantiPlus Waitakere, Lincoln North

After selling our shares in The Falls to our business partner a position of sales was offered to me by Jeff and Jakub of AvantiPlus Waitakere.   Since starting I have enjoyed working with a completely different beast, retail.  read more….

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